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Golf Cart Crashes in The Villages, FL - September 2012

Posted by NetSource Admin on September 30, 2012 at 1:56pm

Reprinted with permission from the Property Owners Association of The Villages monthly Bulletin:

Recent reports (ONLY THOSE THAT INVOLVED EJECTION, FALLING OUT OF THE GOLF CART, AND/OR INJURIES are provided) that we have received from Village residents, Public Safety, and area law enforcement. (Note: we cannot guarantee that the information we receive is completely accurate about all the details.)

Wednesday, July 18th – 5:00PM – A 74 year old female was operating her golf cart southbound on the Buena Vista cart path near the intersection of Odell Circle. She came around a curve in heavy rain and lost control. The cart slid on the slippery surface and tipped over. The operator fell out of the cart and struck her head receiving, minor lacerations. She was transported to The Villages Regional Hospital.

Sunday, July 22nd – 6:00 PM – A bicycle – golf cart crash on the golf cart path that runs parallel to Morse Boulevard just south of O’Dell. The golf cart was traveling east through the tunnel approaching the golf cart path. As the operator was exiting the tunnel he slowed down, but did not stop, and made a right hand turn onto the cart path after he did not see anyone coming. He traveled a short distance and was in the process of turning left when he first saw the bicyclist trying to pass him on the left and the two collided. The bicyclist had abrasions and shoulder soreness, but refused medical transport.

Tuesday, July 24th – 7:00 PM – Two vehicle collision involving a golf cart and a 2005 Hyundai. The Hyundai was northbound on Paige Place between Main Street and the Mira Mar bridge. The 78 year old male golf cart operator was southbound on Paige Place toward Main Street and suddenly veered left into the side of the Hyundai. Upon impact the golf cart operator was thrown or fell out of the cart and was seriously injured, including head trauma, and was flown to Orlando Regional Medical Trauma center.

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