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Golf Cart Crashes in The Villages, FL - October 2012

Posted by NetSource Admin on October 10, 2012 at 2:07pm

Reprinted with permission from the Property Owners Association of The Villages monthly Bulletin:

Recent reports (ONLY THOSE THAT INVOLVED EJECTION, FALLING OUT OF THE GOLF CART, AND/OR INJURIES are provided) that we have received from Village residents, Public Safety, and area law enforcement. (Note: we cannot guarantee that the information we receive is completely accurate about all the details.)

Friday, August 17th – 11:00 am – V-1 is a golf cart and was traveling east on the golf cart path that travels on the south side of El Camino Real. The golf cart lane has a posted stop sign and underneath the stop sign is a sign stating Carts Yield to Vehicle Traffic. These signs are posted at the end of the golf cart path before it travels over Buenos Aires. V-2 is a Ford Pick-up which was traveling west on El Camino Real and was turning left onto Buenos Aires. V-1 failed to yield to V-2 who was already turning and the front right bumper of V-2 crashed into the left drivers side/fender area of V-1. V-2 driver stated he had the green arrow and was turning when V-1 failed to stop and pulled out in front of him. The driver of V-1 was found to be at fault and issued a citation. The driver of V-1 was injured and transported to The Villages Hospital.

Monday, August 20th – 9:00 am - two golf carts – One golf cart (V-1) was eastbound on Avenida Central and the other golf cart (V-2) was westbound. The operator of V-1 was making a left turn onto Oak Meadows Lane when the front of her golf cart struck the left side of the westbound V-2. The impact caused V-2 to overturn on its side, EJECTING the driver of V-2 onto the pavement, and he was airlifted to Shands Hospital in Gainesville. The operator of V-1 who was charged with failing to yield, developed complications during the investigation of the crash and was airlifted to Orlando Regional Medical Center. Both were reported to be in serious condition.

Monday, August 27th – 2:36 pm - An 82 year old male was backing his golf cart out of a parking space on the westbound side of Main Street. Lady Lake Police said he backed across the solid yellow center line to go eastbound on Main Street when his golf cart was struck by a 54 year old male Village resident who was eastbound at the time, caus-ing him to be thrown from his golf cart landing on the pavement. He was collared, blocked, boarded, strapped and transported to The Villages Hospital for treatment and evaluation. The driver was cited for improper backing.

Wednesday, September 5th – 1:35 pm – A 70 year old female golf cart driver was northbound on Bichara Boulevard and a 2008 Chevy was westbound on Avenida Boule-vard. The golf cart entered the intersection and struck the left side of the Chevy. The golf cart driver was thrown from her golf cart and taken to The Villages Hospital with minor injuries. She was also cited for failing to yield at an intersection.

Saturday, September 8th – 1 pm - A 66 year old male was driving his golf cart on Laurel Manor Drive in front of the Laurel Manor rec center when he realized that he was being bitten by ants (sounds like fire ants) on his leg. He went to bend down to brush away the ants, lost control of the cart, drove over the sidewalk and hit the light pole. He was thrown from the cart. EMS immobilized him and transported him to The Villages Hospital for evaluation.

Tuesday, September 18th – 1:46 am - A 38 year old male (as per the report) “fell off the back of the cart” while traveling on Champion Avenue in Marion County, strik-ing his head. Per friends, he had been out drinking. He was treated at the scene for a head injury and transported to The Villages Hospital.

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