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Golf Cart Crashes in The Villages, FL September, 2013

Posted by Tim Babiarz on October 3, 2013 at 3:32pm

Recent reports (ONLY THOSE THAT INVOLVED EJECTION, FALLING OUT OF THE GOLF CART, AND/OR INJU-RIES are provided) that we have received from Village residents, Public Safety, and area law enforcement. (Note: we cannot guarantee that the information we receive is completely accurate about all the details.) USE OF SEAT BELTS WILL KEEP YOU IN YOUR CART! Saturday, August 3rd - 2:45 p.m. - Location: Morse Blvd & Stillwater Trail Gate Myself & wife had just finished golf and we were on our way home in our golf cart. Approaching the crossing of Stillwater Trail, I looked to my left (East) for traffic - there was none. Then looking straight ahead to "Residents Car Lane", "it" was also clear. Due to the guard house and a very large and wide tree you are unable to see the "Visitors Car Lane", as the guard house is approximately 50 ft. before the gate, with the tall tree interfering with your sight of the lane (additionally, the driver in the car can't see me until we meet). Applying brakes and turning (left) at the same time, we collided. My wife was ejected from the cart. It's a miracle she wasn't seriously hurt. As the Police and the EMS appeared simultaneously, I was in the midst of calling The Village Kart Aide to pick-up my cart and haul it to my home. Next dilemma, how was I going to get home, get my car and go to the hospital? Thankfully, the driver involved kindly said " I'll drive you home". Bob Cheney Monday, August 5th - 7:54 a.m. - The driver of a 2012 red Yamaha golf cart was westbound on Canal Street and had just crossed the intersection of Odell Circle when he realized there was a golf cart in front of him making a left turn. He tried to come to a sudden stop resulting in over correcting the steering wheel. The golf cart was over-turned damaging the right side. The cart had scrapes on the right side of the body and the right side of the roof. The driver was treated by EMS for a head injury. He was transported to the Villages Regional Hospital. The driver stated that he did not strike any other vehicle and that a person had helped him when his vehicle rolled on its side. The vehicle was disabled and was towed from the site. Monday, August 5th - 12:08 p.m. - The driver of a 2012 Chevy Volt stated she was southbound on North Morse Boulevard and approaching San Marino Drive. She advised that she was turning right on San Marino Drive and did not see the 2009 Club Car. The driver of the Volt acknowledged that she collided with the golf cart, causing minor damage to the front passenger side bumper of her car. The driver of the golf cart was southbound on North Morse Boulevard in the golf cart lane. The Volt struck the driverfs side of her golf cart, causing the golf cart to tip over on its side. The golf cart sustained damage to the passenger side door and front quarter panel. No injuries were reported and the driver of the Volt was cited for careless driving. Friday, August 9th - 3:45 p.m. - A 1999 Mustang was traveling east on Odell Circle approaching the intersection of Canal Street. A 2009 Star LSV was traveling north on Canal Street through the intersection with a green traffic signal. As the LSV entered the intersection the driver of the Mustang ran a red light (A witness confirmed this action). The driver of the LSV took evasive action (steering east) and the left rear side of the LSV struck the right rear side of the Mustang which caused the LSV to tip over and it landed on the driverfs leg. The driver received minor scrapes and abrasions and was tended to by EMS, but refused transport to a hospital. The driver of the Mustang was cited for disobeying a traffic signal.  

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