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Golf Cart Crashes in the Villages, December, 2013

Posted by Tim Babiarz on January 30, 2014 at 3:27pm

Golf Cart Crashes Recent reports (ONLY THOSE THAT INVOLVED EJECTION, FALLING OUT OF THE GOLF CART, AND/OR INJU-RIES are provided) that we have received from Village residents, Public Safety, and area law enforcement. (Note: we cannot guarantee that the information we receive is com-pletely accurate about all the details.) Monday, October 21st ¨C 11:40 AM ¨C A golf cart operator eastbound on Pinellas Place made a left turn into Bonifay Country Club tipping the cart towards the passenger side. The responding officer stated there were approximately 50 feet of ¡°yaw marks¡± or side tire marks left by the passenger side tires while the driver side tires were not in contact with the roadway, eventually tipping the cart over on its side. The driver was cited for the accident. Both occupants were transported to The Villages Hospital for further treatment. Monday, October 29th ¨C Mid Afternoon ¨C A golf cart operator swerved to avoid con-tact with an oncoming car at the intersection of Tamarind Grove Run and St. Charles Place. This action caused her to fall out of the cart onto the concrete. She injured her head and upper body and was transported ambulance to the Ocala Regional Medical Center. Sunday, November 3rd ¨C 3:00 AM ¨C A 52 year old Village resident was found dead at the Saddlebrook Softball Complex. He was found lying across the floorboard of a golf cart. The golf cart had collided with a fence at the complex. Initial reports advised that the cause of death was under investigation as there were no apparent fatal injuries. On November 4th, the Florida Highway Patrol re-leased the autopsy results which concluded that the resident died as a result of a golf cart accident. The traffic homicide investigation by the FHP continues. Thursday, November 7th ¨C 7:30 AM ¨C A golf cart operator on Buena Vista, off of El Camino Real, said she was distracted by a ¡°candy wrapper¡±. She lost control of the golf cart and struck a tree. She was EJECTED from the cart and landed face first on the cart path with chest injuries and others as well. She was trauma alerted by ambulance to Ocala Regional Hospital. Thursday, November 7th ¨C 6:30 pm ¨C A hit and run crash occurred on Jason Drive in Lady Lake. The golf cart driver said his cart was hit by a truck. He was EJECTED onto the pavement and received major fractures and abrasions. He was trauma evacuated by helicopter to Ocala Regional Medical Center. Saturday, November 9th ¨C 6:45 PM ¨C A golf cart operator struck a concrete barrier at the intersection of Charlotte Court and Greenwich Place, just north of Hillsborough Trail in the Village of Charlotte. Golf cart driver was EJECTED, landing head first on the concrete and had head and facial trauma, as well as, other injuries. She was transported by ambulance under a trauma alert to Ocala Regional Trauma Center. USE OF SEAT BELTS MAY KEEP YOU IN YOUR CART! ¡õ

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